I started removing syringomas twice a year on my face 2 years ago. I've had syringomas since I was in my early 20s so it's been over a decade now. I used to wear make up a lot so I would cover them up but not really paid any attention to how they've really grown (in numbers and in size) over the years. I think that is something we girls often do; is that we focus so much more on the facade, our make up, that we forget about how to really take care of our own real skin. 
I was on a road trip with my husband and baby last month and decided to take a picture of my syringomas using natural lighting from the outside. Here were the problem areas that I circled in the picture.                

They were noticeable when I took close shots. This picture was taken by my iPad so it was not a high quality camera but you can still see them. Imagine if you are on a date and he or she is sitting right next to you staring at your face with these syringomas! 

I've been continually going back to the Wart & Mole Vanish box to burn them off. Essentially that is what we are doing to our faces when we use these types of products. Oh the price we pay to have better skin! I've successfully removed the biggest ones (the most noticeable ones) during the first year while I was pregnant. Sometimes they are removed and sometimes I didn't do a good job of penetrating it enough because I didn't scratch well enough or apply enough of the product. I do get some scarring but they fade and look better after awhile. I've learned a lot from doing it 5 times and it's still scary every time I do it. The burn still stings a lot and my face gets all red with swell spots from where I applied them. 

This month, I used the Wart & Mole Vanish again. The last time I used it was December 2014. Here is the picture of how my face looked after applying it. Warning: the picture looks gross! The scabs developed very quickly after I applied the product. 
 (Gross swelling around syringoma area where I applied the Wart & Mole Vanish)

Notice the swell spots in the above picture around my eyes? Those puffed up probably between 5-10 minutes after I applied it. I focused on 3 major spots on the left side and then about 10 little spots on the right this time around. I already know that one application will never eliminate all syringomas. More will grow in other areas and some scarring (some more noticeable than others) will take place in the places where I treated with the Wart & Mole Vanish.

The thing is: syringomas will never stop growing no matter what you do or whether you treat them or not! So I've made up my mind, I rather have as few noticeable syringomas on my face at any given time as possible because 50 on your face will get too overwhelming to treat or look at! With that in mind, I figured I would write down some tips and share with you guys from what I learned. 

Tips when using Wart & Mole Vanish
  1. The Wart & Mole Vanish can be found directly from the Pristine Herbal Touch website and also from Amazon as well. I've done both. Look out for deals because sometimes they are a few bucks cheaper on one site over the other (take account into shipping prices too). 
  2. Have extra cotton swabs (q-tips) handy around while you are applying. Sometimes I would accidentally put too much on a spot and I needed to gently wet the cotton swab and remove it quickly before I burn good skin! 
  3. Make sure there aren't any distractions around when you are applying. The application process from start to finish is time sensitive and you do not want to get any of the Wart & Mole Vanish product in your eyes. You might go blind. I don't know for sure but those things do burn like heck! 
  4. Try to do this treatment around times when you don't have to be in contact with a lot of people for a week or two, unless you don't care if people stare at you and ask about your scabs. It may be hard if you have to work every day or go to school because the scabs will need to go away on their own to eliminate ugly scarring. For me, they start falling off on their own around 5 days but the last one usually doesn't fall off until more than a week later. Never prematurely remove the scabs. This is very important. Otherwise, your scars will look worse.
  5. Always gently apply aloe vera to the scabs several times a day and use vitamin E oil for spots where the scabs have fallen off on their own for as long as necessary. You'll notice some of these will have a crater in them so that is why those two products are good to use as they are filling up and healing. The bigger the syringoma that you treated, the bigger the crater will be. They will hopefully fill up properly over time without a raised scar. Mine didn't, hopefully yours won't either. 
  6. Don't wait for the syringoma to get ridiculously big to treat it. When I removed the biggest one, it burned like heck because I had to use a lot of the cream to cover it. It also left a big scar. Although that big bumpy syringoma is gone, I have a flat skin colored scar to replace it. Even though it looks better than the syringoma but my skin is still in no way perfect. (Note: if your skin scars easily and leave raised bumps, I do not advise you to use this product.) Luckily my scars would fade but that took at least 3 months to really match my skin color. You know your skin best. 
  7. Give yourself 3 months of healing time before you try applying again. Sometimes the syringomas you treated leave behind red marks and they take time to naturally fade to your skin color. It will look significantly better. If there is a syringoma or two that are still there even after you treated it with the cream, you probably didn't scratch enough or leave it on enough (15-20 min). You can decide if you want to reapply in that spot again or not. The first time I used the Wart & Mole Vanish, I was a chicken and wiped the cream off after 10 minutes. It was too painful for me and I had to pay the price. After the scabs fell off, the syringomas were still there! My second time around, I bravely waited out for at least 15 minutes and those last 5 minutes is crucial because they removed most of my syringomas that time around.
  8. Wear sunscreen when you are outside after you have treated them. Your skin is more sensitive than ever. Wear sunscreen every day anyway because UV rays are bad for you on any given day. 
  9. I don't know how important it is to you to wear make up but I refrained from wearing make up while my skin was scabbing after the treatment. So don't use Wart & Mole Vanish like the day before your wedding day or some other important event! You will look like crap and it's not good for the treatment. Do this months ahead of time. 
  10. If you have 50 of them, I don't suggest treating them all at the same time. Test out with a couple or no more than 10 to see how you can handle it and then a few months later, you can see if you want to do it again and treat more. 
Those are all the tips I have for now. Good luck with your treatment and treat them with whatever product you are using at your own risk! I am not a medical professional or a paid endorser. I am just a normal girl with syringoma issues that used to make me really, really depressed. All I want to do is help a person with the same problems as I did. I remember feeling really helpless after I saw a dermatologist years ago and he said my syringomas will never permanently go away and that they will continue to grow. I finally was brave enough to try to put them under control myself and my self esteem has been better than it's ever been! 

Before I started treating my syringomas, I had over 50 on my face! I had about 8 gnarly big ones that you could see whenever someone would take a close up picture of me within a yard away, even when I was wearing make up. Now, I've narrowed down to about 20 small ones on my face. I believe in moderation and doing it carefully.  

I hope this is all helpful. 
Good luck guys!