While sheltering in place, I've been spending more time on my skin care. I'm making sure I put moisturizer at night, trying to remove moles on my face and body and recently, worrying about my tech neck. Tech neck is a term to describe the premature wrinkles on your neck from excessive use of your smartphone or computer. I have a few of them. They are typically horizontal on your neck. Have you checked your neck lately for them? 
(Picture of a wrinkle-free neck)

Typically, most women worry about looking young and focusing on their face but how your neck looks is something that also contributes to how you look to others. The more lines you have, the older you may look. I have noticed that my lines are getting deeper so I'm starting to research about them and finding remedies at home to help minimize the wrinkles.

As part of my skincare routine, I'm making sure I'm putting moisturizer on my neck now after I've applied it to my face. I would rub my wrinkles in a circular motion, hoping that would help. I'm also going to be more conscious about how I hold my phone or how I'm positioning my laptop. I am probably going to stop working on my computer with the laptop on my lap and instead use a table while I'm using it. I'm currently lying down on my stomach in bed while using this laptop to avoid looking down and worsening my tech neck. 

A few neck creams you can find on the internet: 
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