I am 33 weeks and 6 days pregnant and am getting closer to hitting full term. For the last couple of months, I've been going to my ob/gyn office every 2 weeks (which is normal at this stage) and pretty soon, I'll have to bump it up to once a week.

My husband has been very supportive and always wants to go to my doctor visits with me. It's reassuring to him as well, to see the ultrasounds, hear the heart beats and making sure I'm healthy and nothing is wrong, directly from the doctors themselves. I go to a group of doctors so there is no assigned doctor that I normally see. It's convenient this way and I really love that they have a practice like this here in my small town. 

I'm so grateful that my husband also has the best attitude with these visits with me because sometimes the wait can be long in the reception area and it's a tedious process. From getting my blood pressure checked, blood tests, urine samples to then, sitting in another room to do some more waiting until the doctor is ready to see me. He doesn't complain one bit. He even stayed with me for the 3 hour glucose test I had to take last month. He is pretty amazing and sat in the lobby with me. He just brought a book to read to keep himself busy.

Because my husband works a lot, I can't always schedule the appointments with him present all the time so he's had to miss a couple here and there but he accompanies me most of the time and requests that I schedule the visits on his days off so he can attend as well.

Our next doctor's visit will require a vaginal exam since I'll be past 35 weeks by then. My husband will be there for that.