Hi guys,

We did it! We got married and the grand ceremony and reception were exceptionally successful!

One week before our out of towners were starting to arrive, I created welcome bags with printing labels at home and stuck them on brown gift bags with tissue paper.

In the welcome bags, I had a bottle of iced tea, a bottle of Powerade, some snacks like oreos, trail mix, Cheez-It and granola bars to make their stay more comfortable.

I tried to decorate the bags with a splash of my wedding colors with the bows. I also added a sheet with our wedding itinerary and rehearsal dinner information so that no one is confused. See pictures below.

My main colors were pool (Tiffany) blue and purple so I had tiffany blue ribbons as an accent to my welcome bags.

The labels I made said "Thank you for traveling to San Diego! Welcome to our wedding weekend!". I think our guests appreciated them very much.

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Other Welcome Bag Ideas:

If I could go back and change something that would have probably helped our wallets, it would be buying a used wedding dress instead. I refused to do that at the time but in retropspect, I only used my wedding dress for 1 day. The cost of my wedding dress was only a couple hundred dollars but my alterations ended up costing more than my dress! I think that on craigslist, sometimes you can find someone who had their dress in your size and if you buy it from them, it could save you hundreds of dollars. Anyway, I ended up preserving my dress with a David's Bridal Preservation kit so that if in the future, a family member would like to borrow it, it'll look good as new!

Wedding Preservation Kits & Dresses: