I have just found out from Instagram that Wengie has changed her name Wraya! I think it suits her and she is growing and evolving. I totally support her. You can just tell that she is super creative, a hard worker and revolutionary with her ideas. She has absolutely fantastic taste in everything!

She's at 2 million followers on IG now but I think we'll most likely see a surge shortly as she's launching new music under her new name Wraya. I'm expecting a more grown up and edgier type of music. I can't wait to hear it.

If you're reading this Wraya, I think you are an amazing person and make sure to take care of yourself. Hard work will pay off but you need to have the health to enjoy your successes and life. I'm rooting for you!

For Fans:


Wengie has changed her name from Wraya back to Wengie on her Instagram! It looks like she also got a new tattoo!