I was 5 weeks postpartum when I went to the ER a week ago because my right boob was hurting so bad and I was having chills and fevers up to 103 degrees. It was a Saturday and my husband called my OB/GYN office in the afternoon that day to see if we can get a doctor to prescribe me some medicine instead of going into ER. He called twice and there was no response from a doctor so we rushed to the emergency room to ensure my fever doesn't get worse after my last reading was 103 degrees. My assumption was I got mastitis, from reading online. I started feeling pain from my right boob at 6am that morning. It was so painful, it woke me up from my sleep. I felt my boob and it was really hot with a big lump at the top of it. I grabbed my breastpump right away to start emptying my milk. It's been over 4 hours since I last pumped or fed my baby. He was sleeping for a lot longer than usual. 

After pumping for about 30 minutes, my boob was still hurting a lot. I started getting body aches and chills. My husband could not figure out what was wrong with me. I think he thought I was being hysterical. Anyway, after doing some research online on engorgement, mastitis came up as a severe issue from engorgement. It said with regular pumping/feeding and a hot compress, it'll get better and I won't need to see the doctor. Well, my pain got worse and even with all the pumping and feeding, I was feeling worse pain. 

After the ER took my blood pressure, they expedited me to the top of the ER list because my blood pressure was so low. They originally told me it was going to be an hour wait. Well, guess not. They took my blood work and urine to make sure every thing is okay. I was diagnosed with mastitis and a urinary tract infection! It turned out that that catheter that they used on me while I was a labor could cause UTI! I was feeling pain while peeing since I gave birth but I thought that was just a result from giving birth. I had no idea. So watch out you guys! The mastitis can give you flu-like symptoms like I had, and so can a UTI! 

I hope any of you don't have to go through what I went through. It was painful and I'm still on antibiotics for my infections. My right boob still hurts but not as much. It got significantly better after the 3rd day on medication. I suggest to not wait to get medicine. Get it while you're sure that you have mastitis! 

Good luck!