Note: To see 10 tips on using the Wart & Mole Vanish, see my most recent blog entry.  This entry below is just my theories on what caused my syringomas. 

What is syringoma?

Syringoma bumps look like milia but they don't go away. I've read that they are cholesterol deposits or little tumors. I've suffered from syringoma since I was in my early 20s so it's been over 10 years. I don't really know why I get them because none of my family members get them. I thought maybe they could be hereditary. There is not a whole lot of research on the internet because they are not life threatening. They just look ugly around my eyes for me but I've read that you can get them in other places of your body.

Why I think I have syringoma
When I was in my early 20s, I drank a lot of Starbucks coffee, ate a lot of fried chicken, consumed a lot of alcohol and started applying heavy cream under my eyes. I think it is one of those 4 possible reasons. Since none of my family members have them, I am attributing to my diet and my actions. I think I am going to knock alcohol off my list because my brother drinks a lot of alcohol and does not get them. I am also going to knock off coffee because both of my parents are heavy coffee drinkers and don't get syringomas. Now, what puts me apart from me and my family is that I really love fried chicken and I did put a lot of eye cream under my eyes because I had dark circles under them. I found out later that my dark circles are from a lack of a certain nutrient and also due to my allergies so I should have just taken a multi-vitamin regularly and they would have just gone away. 

With more and more young people putting eye cream under their eyes under their make up, due to heavy advertisement and the lady behind the make up counter telling me that I need it, I wonder if that somehow traps the moisture and oil and these syringomas form over time? I notice more and more people are speaking up about it now, more than ever.  It makes a valid point, don't you think? My mom doesn't put any of these creams under her eyes so I am thinking that maybe that might have done it. But then, some men do get syringomas too and I am sure they don't use eye cream. So, my conclusion is maybe I ate too much fried chicken when I was younger. I love fried chicken from Church's. None of my family members eat it as much as I do. I wonder if the combination of oil being stuck under my eyes, because of my eye cream, and eating more oily foods on a regular basis created a big deposit of cholesterol there? It sure makes a very bad skin health combo.

Removing Syringomas at Home after Seeing a dermatologist
I did go see a dermatology when I was around 25 years old. I noticed I was getting more of them and some were growing even bigger. I went to see him and he confirmed that they are syringoma. He also told me that he can zap them but more will still grow. That really made me sad. I decided to not do anything with it for awhile. Then a few years later, I noticed that more are growing and I feel like even though they will keep growing, I still need to keep them under control before they just look like I have some kind of crazy condition. 

Last year, after doing some heavy research, I only found one product: Wart & Mole Vanish, that claims to also remove syringoma. I saw some bad comments about it under a forum saying that it doesn't work and others saying it leaves a scar. Well, I decided to take matters in my own hands and try it for myself. 

The first time I used Wart & Mole Vanish, it didn't work. Yea, it stung like a mofo but I realized it didn't get penetrated enough. I didn't do a good job of scratching them. So, I tried it a second time a few months later and I scratched as thoroughly as I could without bleeding. And Voila, the areas the cream was on, puffed up and got swollen! I sure scratched it enough, all right. It penetrated them. 20 minutes later, half of my face was red and puffy. I only tried the cream on half of my face during my second experiment. I was really scared because those syringomas have scabbed almost immediately. I did a good job of not removing them prematurely and letting them fall on their own. I also put aloe vera and vitamin oil as their website suggested. And you know what, the ones I put the cream on (when I scratched them correctly the second time) were gone! Okay, so that's good news. But then I realized after the scabs have fallen off, there are craters in place of them. I made sure to not wear any make up during this whole time and also put a lot of Vitamin E oil regular. About a month or 2 later, the craters filled up. If you look carefully, there is a bit of scarring but you know what, it still looks better than my bumpy syringomas that I had in place of them before. With make up, it covers them really well. I was pretty satisfied. 

So, flash forward to today and I did another Wart & Mole Vanish treatment on 8 of them on my face today. These were the ones that are getting more noticeable so that is why I decided to just work on those 8. They hurt a lot when you put the cream on so I have to be strategic and work on them just a few at a time. I have about 30 total on my face but I am not going to treat all 30 of them. I always have this fear that one will accidentally drip in my eye and I will go blind so I am being careful and so should you if you are doing this to yourself. Plus, these scabs are really ugly for 2 weeks. Like what happened before, they stung when I put the cream on and the areas puffed up immediately.

Why I am Sharing
So why do I write about this and making videos to show what I put on my face? Wart & Mole Vanish doesn't pay me to do this (at least not yet). I hope they will approach me because I am basically doing free marketing for them. (Pristine Touch, feel free to reach out to me.)

I do this because syringomas suck and they make me feel insecure and depressed about my face! There is not a whole lot of research on them and none of my friends have them. I am the only one I know among my peers who has this. Other than the internet, I have no one else to relate to so I am sharing any knowledge and any research and experimentations on this. Because I want you guys to know that I feel your pain. If there is any solution or better one out there, I will share it all with you as well. 

Yes, we can't completely remove them all because some more will come back. But at least, I can still keep them under control so they don't completely take over my face. My plan is when a few gets more noticeably bumpy and bigger, I'll burn them myself with the Wart & Mole Vanish. I mean, that's basically what we're doing.

Good luck guys! Let's hope a better solution comes out soon. 

To see 10 tips on using the Wart & Mole Vanish, see my most recent blog entry.